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Walter Zweifler, chief executive of Zweifler Financial Research, said trying to identify companies ready to be taken private isn't as much of an inexact science as one would think. First, he said look for companies within the same industry as one that has already been taken private.

They are usually successful companies that don't have much debt or borrowing needs, in most cases, private equity firms are looking for stable cash cows to go in and milk.

He also said 'targets are also once good companies that are now perceived to be poorly run' with 'lethargic management teams.' Among those that fall into this category are Burger King, which was recently taken public again, and grocery chain Albertsons.

Zweifler Financial Research CEO, Walter Zweifler, leads a Webinar on
Investing in Traditional & Non Traditional Assets Using Directed Retirement
plans (IRAs/401Ks)

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