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The Employee Stock Ownership Plan

An important focus of Zweifler Financial services is in Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). We have been instrumental in explaining possible benefits, as well as pitfalls in adopting an ESOP. We discuss this concept and others with your accountant and attorney.

If they agree that an ESOP is the best path forward, Zweifler Financial assists in the solving the valuation and related financial issues.

ESOPs are used in many life cycle problems faced by the business, especially the small privately owned family business.

Some more important reasons are:

  • Providing a tax advantaged way for owners to sell their interests to family members and / or to key personnel outside the family
  • Providing a way to finance debt capital with pre tax dollars. This can result in repayment of both debt principle and interest with pre tax dollars.
  • Encouraging key employees and line personnel to take an entrepreneurial interest in a business with resulting productivity gains.
  • Clarifying the decision to become a pass through taxed corporation under sub chapter S of the Internal Revenue Code or remain fully taxed under sub chapter C
  • Formulating reorganization plans and turnarounds